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Small changes make a big difference

We are on a mission to help you live healthier, happier, more in touch with our nature and all of that while saving some money. 

No tree hugging involved. Although we definitely encourage that 😉.

Tips and tricks can be found all over internet and although many of them are valuable, they are not addressing bigger and deeper issues. We want to empower you with an
integral actionable guide, a set of fundamentals if you will. Hopefully, it will assist you in making changes that last.

In this guide: 

  • cover three homes you have - your body, your mind and your actual home

  • give you tools and methods to implement changes that last

  • provide plenty of actions and explain the ‘why’ behind them

Download our guide:

‘7 Challenges to make almost everything a bit better’

Our synthesised material can be also delivered in a form of presentations, talk or a workshop. 

Feel free to 
contact us to learn more.

What we cover

Your body

Your mind

Your household

We start with the fundamentals: three things to keep your body healthy. You probably know them but hopefullly we can build a case for the most overlooked aspect. 

Here we share how you can keep your mind clear on one hand (no, it is not a meditation although that helps) and what questions to ask yourself to design your life on the other. It involves more digital habits than you might expect. 

Your home. A place you have spent so much time in during the last year. We present you with a powerful way to keep your home a place of joy, your mind at peace, your wallet fuller and our worldly resources in the ground. 

Make a change.

Start today.

Want to learn more or participate in a workshop?

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