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The bigger picture


daba translates from Latvian as 'nature'. We aim to bring you closer to nature. Both, the one that surrounds us and the one within us.

If you condense Earth’s history in one year, homo sapiens appears only on 31st of December at around 23:40. Next 18 minutes homo sapiens spends as a hunter-gatherer and as a part of a nature. In the last 2 minutes all the rest happened.

So we can kid ourselves thinking we are highly intelligent evolved species and can solve all our problems with yet another invention as much as we want, but it is just not true. Our body and brain is still that of a hunter-gatherer. Processed food, imported from afar ingredients can't lead to healthy body. Neither does popping pill after pill to solve our sleep, weight or concentration problem. Accumulating material goods is not making us happy either. 

We believe that by changing our daily habits we can reconnect with our nature and make ourselves happier, healthier and help everything around us thrive. Do more with less. 

Changing daily habits has an impact on our environment and our industry too.  Consuming less, prolonging life of what you have, repairing, remanufacturing, recycling is essential for a future where there are more people, more middle-class people and a larger urban population. It is essential to move us towards inclusive, just, regenerative economy. It is essential to make sure we don’t run out of resources to support our comfortable lifestyles.

With our work we aspire to contribute to the 3 of 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

  • Goal 3: good health and well being - by focusing on the basics of what made homo sapiens a sapiens - food, sleep, movement.  

  • Goal 12: responsible consumption and production - by addressing consumption habits and lifestyle.

  • Goal 13: climate change - by educating and helping to change disctructive habits.

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