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Its as if every year it starts earlier and earlier – leaves haven’t
yet changed their colour yet we are already bombarded with Christmas paraphernalia
– questionable chocolates in supermarkets, chinese decorations, carcinogenic
candles and many many reminders to buy and buy and then buy some more.
Consumerism at its best: harming planet, harming you, has nothing to do with Christmas.

Presence, not presents

You have enough of stuff. People around you have enough off stuff. This Christmas, don’t buy gifts. Be a gift.

 Instead of spending time on shopping, spend time on your friends, family or community.

Have a meaningful Christmas this year – don’t buy presents/don’t partake in consumerism festival of the year. 

The alternative

Spend time with the people you love, offer help with the things that have to be done, do something together. 

Really can’t do without a gift? Consider the following:

  • Gift an activity – something that you will enjoy doing together.

  • Gift and ask for an experience gift – museum, concert, restaurant.

  • Make it yourself from what you can find in nature or in your kitchen – internet is full of suggestions.

  • Look for it in the second hand shops

  • Gift quality consumables – good quality food and drinks. Always check the ingredients list to avoid the nasties.

Doe mee aan betekensivolle kerstmis

Dank u! Spread the joy - spread the word!

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